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PicaJet Photo Management Software PicaJet Photo Management Software

PicaJet: Features & Benefits

PicaJet - digital asset management software PicaJet is a powerful, feature-rich, but highly customizable and convenient digital photo management and image database software that will efficiently organize your fast-growing digital image collection.

Watch a flash-demo of PicaJet


PicaJet's Benefits:


Network support / Multi-user database access  with multi-user network database access support

Although PicaJet is designed as a standalone digital asset management system, you can use it in a network environment. To do this you need to import files with UNC paths. Here is an example of a UNC path: \\ server\my photos. Multiple users can read PicaJet’s database simultaneously but only one user at a time can modify the database contents.

If you need a true multi-user solution please check out Daminion - our new server-based photo management software for small teams

Picture Tree Categories Unlimited category-nesting levels

Organize your image categories with no limitations on nesting depth! You can create highly complex category structures or simple ones. It is up to you and depends entirely on your needs and not on any program limits.


Fast photo indexing Fast Image Viewer

PicaJet utilizes OpenGL graphic acceleration and optimized image processing techniques to index your photo collection at blazingly fast speeds. PicaJet can also relieve you of the time consuming cataloguing chore by automatically importing metadata information and folder names as categories. Many of our customer testimonials praise the high speed indexing of PicaJet.


Photo Database with nice icon sets Assign images to different categories using icon sets

One of the most important benefits of the Picajet digital photo management tools is the ability to assign ONE picture to SEVERAL categories simultaneously. Contrast this with a conventional folder structure where each picture file can only exist in one folder. PicaJet also allows you to customize categories with icons from a standard icon set or it can generate the icon from the imported image itself. Now you can quickly find any required category using intuitive visual cues.


Dynamic categories  

PicaJet supports several dynamic categories, which allow you to check the status of entire photo collection:

  • Show All: shows all the album pictures (except any marked as hidden).
  • Unassigned: shows the pictures which are not yet assigned to any category and are waiting to be categorized (tagged).
  • Unsaved Metadata: shows those pictures which have descriptions or categories, not yet saved as embedded IPTC/XMP metadata. In this case, the metadata is stored in a temporary separate database. PicaJet will prompt you to embed this information into the image files before closing down via program options exit.
ynamic categories


Works with huge databases

Every trip, vacation or holiday presents an opportunity to expand your digital photo collection. When developing Picajet we took special care to optimize it to work efficiently with vast numbers of photograph files. Add ten thousand shots or even hundreds of thousands of shots per album, Picajet will easily cope. Of course, you can also have as many albums as you want. Picajet frees you from any concerns about program limitations.


image database offline archives Offline-archive organization

The low cost of DVDs and CDs makes them ideal for storage of images. Picajet allows you to store offline images on DVD or CD while retaining much smaller thumbnail versions of the images on your PC hard drive for quick access. This frees up a significant amount of hard drive space. When you click on the thumbnail of an offline image, Picajet will prompt you to insert a specific DVD or CD to retrieve the full size image.


Super-zoooom! picture viewer super zoom feature

Zoom in and out of any displayed image with just a single click. Thanks to PicaJet’s full support for OpenGL acceleration, the zoom feature is fast and smooth. Many PJ customers appreciate this super-feature.


Hide private photos
Are your private photos really private? You may wish to show your photos to
friends but need to hide some of the more private ones. We can suggest two
Photo database with protecting private photos feature


Automated import process
PicaJet imports images from digital cameras, scanners, web-cams and computer folders as well as a variety of WIA and TWAIN devices. Tasks such as downloading photographs, creating new folders, renaming files and clearing flash cards have never been so simple.

For more advanced photographers we can offer new, powerful and highly customizable software to organize their photo import workflow – this is RoboImport, which easily integrates with PicaJet. A significant discount is available on the PicaJet and RoboImport bundle.

photo album software downloader


Storage of image descriptions inside files (XMP, IPTC, EXIF)

One of the benefits of IPTC or XMP is that the metadata is embedded into the photograph file. If you transfer an object (say a jpeg) with separate metadata from one system to another you also need to determine a way to transfer its metadata.

photo album organizer with XMP, IPTC, EXIF support

Separate storage in, for example, a relational database or XML file is also required. With IPTC or XMP, the metadata is always stored within the image file itself and is always transferred with it from application to application. PicaJet supports writing of IPTC in the case of JPEG files and XMP for Adobe DNG files. This ability to store metadata within the image files takes Picajet’s cataloguing and organizing features to new levels.  


Batch EXIF, IPTC, XMP editor

Full integration of EXIF, IPTC, XMP metadata is the key to reliable and efficient management of any fast-growing digital photo collection. PicaJet allows you to copy image captions, categories and ratings to IPTC or XMP metadata within the images. It also has a powerful built-in Metadata Editor for batch metadata editing.


Batch resize, batch convert, batch rename

PicaJet can easily resize, convert and rename groups of photos in batch mode. You can convert your images to various image formats including JPG, BMP, PNG, etc… If you are shooting the pictures in a RAW format PicaJet’s RAW Conversion engine makes the conversion task rapid and accurate. PicaJet also enables you to batch rename your images using flexible template masks.


Support for more than 60 image file formats

PicaJet offers support for more than 60 media file formats including:

  • All popular image formats: JPEG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, GIF, PNG, and so on.
  • Almost all Camera RAW file formats from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, etc. as well as the Adobe DNG format.

View the full list of supported image formats.

photo database with 60 image formats support


Support for video files
image database with video files support

PicaJet imports and plays various movie formats including QuickTime, AVI, MPEG2, MPEG4, ASF, etc… The built-in player allows you to handle playback of the movie and you can even select a specific single frame as a movie thumbnail picture.


Powerful search

The major requirement of any digital photo cataloging software is to be able to quickly find an image when it is required. PicaJet offers a variety of ways to do this:

  • Filtering, using ALL, ANY or OR operation, grouping by rating, folders, date, and so on.
  • Searching by any criterion including EXIF fields such as camera model, ISO, F-number, Shutter Speed, etc.


Effective photo organization with powerful search


Manage images through several albums
manage photo database through several albums

Sometimes, it is more convenient to break down your digital photo collection into several parts, especially if it consists of several tens of thousands of images. For example, your photo collection may contain private photos, a portfolio of models and your collection of rare pink hamster photos from RedHamsterLands. Just press the F4 key to create/ manage your catalog albums and then segregate your images into them using whatever categories you wish.


View images as timeline view photo database images as timeline

This feature displays photographs in chronological order in a panel at the right hand side of the screen. PicaJet can break down the photograph dates into hours, days or months. The Timeline feature operates on entire albums or on specified categories.


Sorting and grouping by any criterion

You can sort and group images and movies by any criteria including EXIF fields which contain camera shooting parameters. These include Camera Model, ISO, shutter speed, F-Number, and so on. You can even group the pictures by folders, rating, imported time, etc. and then track these groups from the “Group By” panel.


The missing links problem

Sometimes, files or folders are renamed outside of the photo-cataloging program using Windows Explorer or some other application. In this case, some digital asset management systems can lose track of links to the original imported files.

PicaJet has a solution to this potential problem. The built-in missing files recovery feature can automatically resolve the issue and correct the database file paths. If you use our RoboFolder tool, you can completely re-organize your existing folder structure and rename your files effortlessly. Subsequent correction of PicaJet’s links is automatic due to its integration with RoboFolder


Automatically responds to external file changes

Once the pictures are imported to a PicaJet album, you can automatically set their file folders to be tracked periodically. PicaJet has a Watch Folders feature (Tools > Watched Folders) which automatically responds to folder changes. If you delete, move or add image files to these watched folders the changes will be automatically made within PicaJet’s albums.


image database backup and restore feature

As your photo collection grows in size its value to you also grows. Just imagine how you would feel if your PC hard drive died and took your complete photo collection with it. PC hard drives are the most likely cause of failure of any PC. Yours could fail without warning today or tomorrow. If you do not already have a proper backup procedure for your PC or your photo collection then now is the time to use PicaJet’s backup feature. Just a few mouse clicks and your digital photos will be safe. They can be easily restored by the Recovery function in the event of a catastrophic hard drive failure.


Three sweet pieces

Here are three simple tips that will make working with Picajet much more enjoyable:

  • Maximize/Minimize the workspace using the TAB key. A single TAB keypress will minimize/maximize the workspace and increase the effectiveness of your work.
  • The super zooooom feature! Thanks to full hardware OpenGL acceleration support, you can smoothly zoom in and out of a picture using just a single mouse click. For example, mouse click on your friends face in a group picture to enlarge it, click again to fit the picture to the screen.
  • Use the 0, 1, 2,3,4,5 keys to quickly assign a numeric rating to your pictures.
three sweet pieces of photo management software


Photo editor with Levels, Sharpen, Sepia, Red-Eye removal!
powerful photo editor of the image picture database software

Almost all of the winning photos on photo-site contests have been enhanced in some way using image adjustment processes. We understand that Photoshop is one of the best photo editors for this purpose and PicaJet is not intended to function as a Photoshop like application.

Our goal was to create an effective digital photo management system that can be integrated into your favorite image editing software. In Picajet, right click your photos and choose your favorite editor in the resulting pop-up.

In many cases, you do not need to use the full power of Photoshop to get good photos. Sometimes, just a few basic operations such as transformations, crop, levels, sharpening, red-eye removal and a few other simple photo-effects will do the job. These small adjustments can be made within PicaJet’s built-in photo editor.


Safe images adjustments: JPEG lossless transformations, on-the-fly effects, and more...

If you edit the original picture, you will need to be able to revert to the original if mistakes are made or the results are not what you expected. PicaJet provides several solutions for safe image editing:


  • lossless image editing (versioning),
  • lossless JPEG transformations,
  • backup of the original images
  • new OpenGL Accelerated “on-the-fly” effects.
image correction of the Digital photo management software

PicaJet’s “on-the-fly” effects allow you to apply image adjustments to the image during screen display without writing to the original image file. The advantage of this, compared to versioning, is that there is no need to keep several file copies on the hard drive, which saves disc space.


RAW Conversions

PicaJet supports almost all RAW file formats and allows you to render/convert RAW files to various output picture formats (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc…) while retaining maximum possible quality. PicaJet uses the DCRaw library that is also used by a number of other professional RAW converters. The DCRaw library can, by the way, be updated without reinstalling PicaJet.

RAW Conversion by PicaJet


Actions on the fly

PicaJet can resize and convert image files “on the fly” during copy or move operations. For example, you might wish to copy web-versions of the pictures from your "snowboard party" folder to "Michael’s computer."


PhotoActions by PicaJet Photo Organizer Just select the source images, set your required resize options, tell PicaJet to convert all files to JPEG format and click OK. Job done.


Auto-Optimization of the images for email

Photos of 5-8 megapixels usually result in 2-8 Mb files. This is rather large to send via email, especially if you need to send several pictures at once. Even if you have a fast Internet connection, many email servers will not accept large files. The solution is simple: PicaJet’s built-in email optimizer will produce optimized, resized and quality photos using just a single mouse click. For extra email functionality, try our Free Email HTML Plugin. This allows you to create HTML emails where you can put blocks of text between multiple images. This plugin supports many of the online email providers such as AOL, GMAIL, HotBox, etc.

Email Optimization of the Photo Viewer


Fotki and Flickr uploaders

The free online Fotki and Flickr online photo sharing services are waiting for your pictures. These companies offer a wide range of online services, have friendly interfaces and provide free accounts that are more than enough for beginners. PicaJet has Free Fotki and Flickr plugins that are transparently integrated into your photo management process. They automate your image uploading process by doing the following:

Digital Photo Sharing Service Uploaders
  • resize, optimize images,
  • copy PicaJet's categories and captions to the online service,
  • convert file formats as required,
  • mark images with various attributes,
  • place images into specified sets or folders,
  • and more…


Send your photo to a mobile phone Upload Digital Images to Mobile Phone

Do you need to send photographs to a mobile phone? Using PicaJet’s Send-to-Mobile feature you can prepare and optimize images to send to a mobile. This feature adjusts image quality, size and proportions. You can set up several profiles for various phone models.


Creating an attractive photo gallery using templates

If you have your own website, you can use PicaJet to create an attractive looking photo-gallery using a variety of templates and then upload the gallery to your website.

Digital Photo Gallery SoftwareDigital Photo Gallery SoftwareDigital Photo Gallery SoftwareDigital Photo Gallery Software


The best photo slideshow software with Hollywood effects
Photo slideshow of the photo management software

Have you ever seen those neat transition effects that depend on image content? PicaJet offers similar fantastic slideshow transitions. Images can dissolve from one picture to the next via a variety of eye-catching transition effects, just like those fantasy Hollywood effects.



Export data as XML!

If you need to share or use PicaJet’s database information with other software, you can export the database contents in XML format. The exported XML file also functions as a useful database backup file.


Save photos to CD and DVD as a web-based photo-album
Digital Photo Burner and photo-gallery creator

Recently shot photos from events such as a birthday can be sent to friends by writing them to a compact disc with an attractive HTML-shell for convenient viewing. This CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc can be played on any system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. The photo-gallery will be saved with a category tree that helps you to manage your photos. You can also customize the appearance of the HTML shell using various design templates.



After the images are downloaded, selected, organized, adjusted and sorted it is a good time to print out the best photos. When printing, PicaJet automatically arranges the photos on the paper for maximum print/paper economy and print quality. Professional photographs can print a contact-sheet for their clients with captions below the image thumbnails. The date of shoot and picture border can also be printed if required.

Digital Photo Printing Software



Skins support!

You can customize the appearance of PicaJet’s interface using the Windows default or custom skins. You can download additional skins on this page.


Interface in your own language

Would you prefer to work in your native language? PicaJet is translated to more than 20 different worldwide languages.


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What the Press Say:

"...PicaJet’s focus is organizing image files, and it’s one of the best applications we’ve seen for that purpose. If integrating lots of photo-related activities is equally important, PicaJet may not have all that you’re looking for. But if you have a large photo collection and just need an efficient way to manage it, PicaJet is worth every penny."

Gregory Anderson,


"It's impossible here to list the features that the PicaJet photo organizer offers. My first two impressions were how fast PicaJet was and how many different ways you can navigate photos throughout the program...
...PicaJet is an example of great planning, great design, and great software."

Zaine Ridling,

What People Say:

"PicaJet is 'AWESOME'. I have tried (and purchased) many digital photo organizers before using PicaJet. PicaJet has so many features there is simply no better way to catalog my photos. Thank you!!"

Colin Ruddick


"First I want to say Great Program!! I have download about 15 programs today to manage my photo's and most of them suck!! Yours is very fast and so far does everything I need!"

Bryan Cromwell


"The image editing tools are a little limited but no big deal, the organizational power greatly outweighs that little negative. I also really like the "Locate By:" pane. This is a very handy tool. All in all it's a good program, I'm sure you've heard that before."

Jim Trump


"Excellent product! You have a very nice user interface, and the program has been very stable. I've looked at a LOT of programs for managing photo collections, and yours was the best I've come across. I'll recommend you to my friends!"

Charles Tilford


"I have just bought PicaJet FX. A very nice bit of software and better than either Brilliant Photo or Picassa which seem to be the other best photo organisers on the market"

Roger Collin


"I do love the program. I've been searching for something like this for a long time. The interface and tags are implemented beautifully. It doesn’t bloat your computer like Photoshop Elements and yet allows you to use a full image editor with ease."

David Fibingr


"I've purchased my license this morning and It's currently importing my pictures. You can't imagine how this software fits my needs. I had many projects that I was postponing because this was a priority for me to do my own organizer and now, It's off my shoulder now and my wife will be happy... Maybe I will pass more spare time with her instead of developping hehehe :-)"

Michel Lyna


"I've investe in your Picajet FX because I liked it from the beginning. I've just tried it for two day and already mastered most of the many amazing features. Already with 10.000 pictures in the database in several catagories"

Bjorgvin Steinyrsson


"I do love that Picajet is great at categorization, EXIF editor, IPCT editor, a great interface and very easy to use"

Robert Batts


"I plan on using PicaJet for organizing my photos on my computer since I think it's the best software for that. I love the categorizing and rating features - but really it's the user interface and shortcuts that makes it the easiest. Thanks for the great product!"

Craig Nagy


"I've searched for a simple edit and album program for a while now, and it finaly i found PicaJet. I'm very satisfied with the functions and GUI, and I'm planning, I hope, to purchase your software"



"Great program otherwise!"

Justin Kilimnik


"For a couple of days of trying PicaJet, I've been able to gain control over my 2000+ digital photos. Before that, I tried dozens of other picture organizers, including "big boys", and none of them came even close to PicaJet by simplicity and easy of use"

Vadim Filanovsky


"I'm very impressed by the software. I have been looking for long time for a such software, even in professionnal soft. But NONE (except may be one) is so easy an intuitive to use with drag and drop features and using IPTC or XMP fields."

Alain Pierre


"I rarely recommend any software, but PicaJet Photo-organizer is an exception. It is easy to use and feature rich. Its worth every cent"

Mike Dew


"I am evaluating your software and i must say it is the best software i ever seen, and i have tried them all i think! the best untill now was picasa"

Marc-Andre Pilon


"First I want to thank you for making such a great product! Not only is it powerful, but it is so much fun to use!"

Steve Blount



Tucows Award

01net 5 star award

Geek Files 5 star award

SoftPedia 5 star award

Softodrom 5 star award

Anova 5 star award




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