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PicaJet 2.6 (634)

  • Compatibility with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature of Windows XP(SP2), 2003, Vista, 7.
  • Added support for new Camera RAW formats
  • Optimized image resizing filters for multicore processing
  • Improved CMYK->RGB and RGB->CMYK conversion using an embedded profile
  • Improved DICOM compatibility
  • Improved IPTC compatibility
  • Added support for reading large TIFF files (max 4GB)
  • Added jpeg2000 (lossy) decompression for DICOM files
  • Now supported reading of 16 bit gray scale PGM
  • Better Unicode support for EXIF user comment tag
  • Now PicaJet writes only changed or new EXIF tags
  • Enhanced compatibility of ICO files
  • Optimized TIFF-LZW loading
  • Added support for planar CMYK (8 bit) for TIFF files
  • Improved GIF loading speed
  • Supported filtered resampling for ie8g images
  • Supported loading EXIF from Photoshop CS3
  • Enhanced jpeg quality when JPEG_Quality is 100
  • Improved speed of filtered resampling routines (like rfTriangle,etc..) and filtered display
  • Supports for ICC profiles reading PSD files
  • Now supported LZW compressed TIFF with inverted fill order for TIFF files
  • Optimized TIFF-CCITT G4 writing for TIFF files
  • Fixed bug saving GIF
  • Fixed bug with wrong width/height reading some HDP
  • Fixed bug with reading big-endian 16 bit CMYK-TIFF
  • Fixed bug with memory leak saving ICO
  • Fixed bug with wrong image reading color TIFF with inverted fill order
  • Fixed bug with EXIF, ISO Speed Ratings is written when unset or written twice
  • Fixed minor bugs reading/writing XP Exif tags
  • Fixed bug loading DICOM, with lossless jpeg encoding
  • Fixed bug reading/processing jpeg tags with zero length
  • Fixed bug reading planar-CMYK with predictor, ZIP compressed
  • Fixed problem reading some unicode EXIF_UserComment tags
  • Fixed some minor bugs reading DICOM files
  • Fixed problems reading RLE encoded images
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed memory leak loading some RAW formats
  • Fixed memory leak saving PNG with text comments
  • Fixed bug reading alpha channel from some PNG files
  • Fixed several bugs reading RAW formats
  • Fixed memory leak loading DICOM


PicaJet 2.5 (488)

  • Improved Zoom feature
  • Optimized for Vista
  • Added Fotki Uploader
  • Added Flickr Uploader
  • Minor Improvements
  • Minor Bugs Fixed


PicaJet 2.5 (477)

  • Minor bug fixed
  • Minor improvements


PicaJet 2.5 (454)

  • Added a new category "Un-saved metadata"
  • Database Description field gets the value from IPTC Title field
  • Added ability to import Adobe DNG crop parameters.
  • Fixed watched folder minor bug
  • Fixed minor bugs


PicaJet 2.5 (452)

  • Fixed incorrect working of watched folders
  • Fixed minor slideshow bug
  • Fixed bug with shell integration
  • Minor improvements


PicaJet 2.5 (445)

  • Added Minolta Dynax/Maxxum 5D RAW files support
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Minor improvements


PicaJet 2.5 (427)

  • Added import support directly for Canon/Kodak cameras (WIA).
  • Added online update feature
  • Now alpha channel is supported for TIFF files writing.
  • Fixed bug reading Olympus E1 RAWs
  • Fixed bug reading compressed PCX files
  • Now PicaJet can read 48 bit CMYK
  • Enhanced RAW quality
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language support
  • Added Taiwanese language support
  • Minor bugs fixes
  • Minor improvements


PicaJet 2.5

  • Automatically creating icons feature for the categories;
  • Improved Delete dialog window
  • Added importing rating data from XMP/(Adobe Bridge)
  • Add viewing XMP data to Metadata Viewer/Editor
  • Fixed bug with incorrect exporting to xml with "foreign" symbols
  • Saving opened categories state
  • Added grouping by hours
  • Fixed bug with "Print With" function
  • Fixed bug in External Toos feature
  • Fixed when renaming images
  • Added dragging posibility from viewer mode


PicaJet 2.4 (407)

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor improvements

PicaJet 2.4 (406)

  • Added RAW files support for some kind of cameras (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc)
  • Improved "Edit Image Caption" window
  • Added support for large category icons (30x30)
  • Added "Image Icons Editor" for categories
  • Added "Aqua Style" for image icons
  • Added "Define External Tools..." feature
  • Added "Arrange Sub-Categories" feature
  • Updated all standard image packs
  • Improved DateTime dialog
  • Improved "Categories" panel
  • "IPTC Editor" minor improvements
  • Added Polish language support
  • Minor interface improvements
  • Fixed bug with incorrect saving keywords with IPTC editor
  • Fixed images searching bug (Free Edition)
  • Minor bug fixes

PicaJet 2.4 (384)

  • Added Export to XML
  • Added "Send to Mobile" feature
  • Added "Move to" feature
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor improvements


PicaJet 2.4

  • Added "Search for Categories" feature
  • Added metadata editor (EXIF/IPTC)
  • Improved "Edit Datetime" feature
  • Added a new skin: “DeviantArt”
  • Improved interface
  • Minor Improvements and Fixes to various small bugs

PicaJet 2.3 (363)

  • Minor improvements
  • Fixed minor bugs


PicaJet 2.3 (325)

  • Added Hungarian language support
  • Minor improvements
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Improved skins

PicaJet 2.3 (322)

  • Added French language support
  • Minor improvements


PicaJet 2.3 (315)

  • Improved batch rename (added new date formats)
  • Added new slideshow transition effects
  • Added video support AVI, MOV, MPG, etc.
  • Added new file format supporting: PSD, PCD, FAX, CUT
  • Added "Group by EXIF Date" feature
  • Added "Update thumbnails" feature
  • Added Japanese language support
  • Fixed bugs on Sorting and Grouping functions
  • Some bug fixes
  • Minor improvements

PicaJet 2.3

  • Added support for some kinds of video cards (Riva TNT2, ATI Rage, Intel Solano, Matrox, etc.)
  • Decreased database storage space
  • Added password protection for albums
  • Improved thumbnails quality
  • Improved Send to E-mail function
  • Improved skins
  • Fixed Levels function
  • Fixed some bugs


PicaJet 2.2 (294)

  • Added New User-Interface skin: “Media Player XP”.
  • Added New User-Interface skin: “Media Player XP (Dark) ”.
  • Added new parameters to "Options" dialog.
  • Minor Improvements and Fixes to various small bugs.

PicaJet 2.2 (289)

  • Added French language support
  • Minor improvements


PicaJet 2.2 (278)

  • Added “Import from other (photo) organizers” feature.
  • Added MP3 Playback during slideshow presentation.
  • Fixed some bugs.

PicaJet 2.2 (269)

  • Added “hide photo” function. When you specify to hide a photo, the photo will not appear and require a password to view the photo.
  • Added, “Search for Missing Files” feature.


PicaJet 2.2 (263)

  • Added “channels” to Levels feature
  • Minor Improvements and Fixes to various small bugs

PicaJet 2.2 (251)

  • Added Backup feature.
  • Added CD/DVD burning feature.
  • Added New User-Interface skin: “BlueEx Dark”.
  • Minor Improvements and Fixes to various small bugs


PicaJet 2.1 (234)

  • Added “Red-Eye reduction” image edit function.
  • Added New User-Interface skin: “StormDark”.
  • Improved search facilities.
  • Minor Improvements and Fixes to various small bugs.

PicaJet 2.0 (206)

  • Added new image-editing functions: Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Blur/Sharpen, and Color Levels.
  • Added New User-Interface skin: “BlueEx”.
  • Added custom image crop sizes.
  • Improved image recovery algorithm.


PicaJet 2.0 (191)

  • Improve search facilities.
  • Added support for multiple languages.
  • Improve the User-Interface.

PicaJet 2.0 (181)

  • Added a StartUp wizard.
  • Added a new icon collection for the "Categories" panel.
  • Improved interface.
  • Fixed some bugs.


PicaJet 2.0 (157)

  • Added Export as a Web-Gallery function.
  • Added a Print multiple photos function. Available printing for various formats.
  • Added thumbnails appearance customizing.
  • Fixed some problems with the timeline.
  • Added a "Manage Albums" preview.
  • Added AND and OR operations to categories.
  • Fixed some bugs.

PicaJet 2.0 (131)

  • Added a new skin: XP Silver.
  • Added a "Hide Categories from result" function.
  • Added some improvements for the "Categories" panel.
  • Added a "Manage Albums" function.
  • Fixed some bugs.


PicaJet 2.0 (125)

  • Added a new skin: XP Blue.
  • Added a "Find Duplicates" function.
  • Fixed some bugs.

PicaJet 2.0 (115)

  • Enhanced searching. Now the search is performed for EXIF fields as well.
  • Added a new "Apply IPTC/EXIF info" function.
  • Improved importing from files.
  • Added filtering to the import windows.
  • Added autoassigning to a category for all import dialogs.
  • Now you can print via ACDSee (if it is installed in your system).
  • Added a "Tip of The Day" window.
  • Improved skins: Storm, Olive and Blue.
  • Fixed some bugs


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