Text Custom Tokens

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Text custom tokens do not depend on file properties and show only a single value. You can change the text token value from the "Set Custom Tokens..." window or set up the program to issue a prompt for the token value. Usually, custom tokens are be used to create global variables such as author. Project token is a text custom token.

To create a new text custom token please go to Edit > Set Custom Token or press Ctrl+T key. Then go to the Custom Tokens page tab and click on the "Add" button.

In the resulting window enter the name and value for newly created token. A Text custom token has a "Case Sensitivity" option which means that you can add, for example, %XY, %Xy, %xY or %xy to RoboImport as different tokens if the "Case Sensitivity" option is switched on.

The Text custom token may be displayed in the "Set Custom Tokens..." window if you choose the Show on "Set Custom Tokens..." window option.

For example, you can create a new custom text token %author, enter your name once and use it as part of the folder/file name or include it in the IPTC copyright field.