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Why do you need RoboImport?

Before posting your favorite images onto the web or emailing your favorite birthday photos to your friends you often need to perform numerous image editing tasks such as the following:

Connect your camera to your PC.
Import the files.
Delete the files from your camera flash card.
Batch rename your imported files.
Add your copyright information.
Rotate images where necessary.
Correct image resolution.
Catalogue your images and batch edit EXIF/IPTC data.
Copy image backups to a CD, DVD or external hard disk
Maybe perform various other batch tasks.

The photographer’s software arsenal will often include several different programs to carry out these varied tasks.

Why should you have to spend your valuable time on these chores and your money on various editing programs when the RoboImport software automatically carries out most of these tasks during the image import stage ?

All your photos are automatically placed into the logical folder structure with meaningful names and numerous batch tasks are carried out while you sit back and relax.




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