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Press about PicaJet Photo Organizer

Digital Image Organizer with Built-In Photo Album
October, 2004

PicaJet 2.2 is a straightforward photo organizer that is gaining popularity among digital camera owners. The pivotal points of the software are the following – direct import from camera, one-click image sharing, automatic photo enhancement feature, easy search, built-in photo album and one-click print.

The idea behind the software is that most camera owners are not high-tech pros, so they need one program that does all photo-related tasks for them. And that’s just what PicaJet does. Once the camera is connected to PC, the image is imported. It can then be renamed, rated and described. Later, if one need so find an image, the built-in search engine will sort images by ratings or dates. This is especially helpful when the number of images is the hundreds and thousands.

Then the image can be enhanced and resized. Program’s built-in auto-improvement feature makes the picture looks better and sharper, fixing glitches on its own. Importantly, the original image is NEVER replaced, so it can’t be lost or damaged.

The perks don’t stop here – the program has one-click image sharing option (via e-mail), duplicate finder and own photo album with dozens of different themes, slideshow maker and web gallery creator! Another very important feature is a smart printer option – the pictures are printed in 8x10, 6x8, 5x7 or custom sizes with a single. The program can print images one by one or in series. Image backup and direct CD/DVD burning options are currently in the works.

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