Date and Time Tokens

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Date and time tokens uses to include image taken date and time info into the folder or file name or put them into the metadata fields.


Standard date and time tokens:

%date - Date in format "yyyymmdd"

%time - Time in format "hhmmss"

%yyyy - 4 digit year  (1989, 2002, ...)

%year - the same as %yyyy

%yy - 2 digit year (89, 02, ...)


%B - Full month name *

%b2 - Abbreviated month name *

%mm - Month (01..12)


%dd - Day of the month (00..31)

%j - Day of the year (001..366)

%W - Weekday name *

%a - Abbreviated weekday name *



%HH - hour (00..23)

%hh2 - hour (00..12)

%p - AM or PM


%MM2 - Minutes (00..59)

%SS - Seconds (00..59)


* By default the system locale month names are used. You can check the "Use English date names" option to use English date names only. This option is only available if your system has at least one national input language installed.


Custom date and time tokens:

%season - Shows the image creation date as a season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn).