Standard Tokens

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Standard tokens are text variables which store certain image properties such as Image creation date, image number, camera model name, shooting parameters and any EXIF or IPTC fields. Each token begins with the "%" symbol. You can use tokens to assign new names to files or folders. Just place several tokens into one string as shown in the following examples:


Example 1:



%yyyy - Means image creation year,

%mm - Image creation month,

%dd - Image creation day

%ext - Use original file extension


This template will generate a file name sequence like this during preview or file transfer :






Example 2:



%smodel - Means short camera model name.

%MM - (Upper case) Image creation time, minutes.

%SS - Image creation time, seconds.

%project - A project token which can be entered manually for each photo event or session.

%ext - Use original file extension.


Here is the resulting file name sequence for this template:






This assumes that “MyBirthday” was entered as the event before file transfer.


In addition to their use in subfolders and file name templates, tokens can also be used to populate the IPTC fields in the IPTC Editor.


Standard tokens get their values from image properties or from system/program parameters. You can also create custom tokens using the Custom Token Editor.


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