Lossless auto-rotation*

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This feature will rotate all of your photos correctly. No additional image editing software is required. The image rotation process is fast and does not degrade the photo in any way (it is a lossless rotate).

Image Auto-Rotating Workflow:
If RoboImport detects that an image needs to be rotated (by checking the EXIF Orientation Tag) the following steps are performed:

- The JPEG image is rotated using a fast and lossless algorithm.

- The JPEG EXIF thumbnail is rotated using a fast and lossless algorithm.

- The EXIF Orientation Tag is reset.

- All of the image metadata including EXIF, GPS, Windows Info, and IPTC are preserved in the rotated image.

These four steps ensure that your images will be rotated correctly. Some editing applications ignore one or more of the above steps and this may cause subsequent image compatibility problems. Always use image editing software that conforms to the rules listed above.

You can enable or disable the auto-rotate feature in Options > Actions.

*The auto-rotation feature works with JPEG and TIFF files only.