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iSpyNow 3

iSpyNow 3 Discount

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iSpyNOW is the critically acclaimed industry leader in remotely deployable spy software products. iSpyNOW allows you to monitor a targeted machine from any location through any web browser via your own member account - regardless of whether the target remote machine is online or not! Read more to see why iSpyNOW is the only remotely deployable spy software solution that YOU need!

Surveillance and Logging Features

  • Internet Conversation Logging - Log both sides of all chat and instant message conversations for AOL/ICQ/MSN/AIM/Yahoo Instant Messengers.
  • Disk Activity Logging - Record all changes made to your hard drive and external media. iSpyNOW will record all of the following:
Created Directories Deleted Directories
Created Files Deleted Files
Renamed Files Renamed Files
  • Window Activity Logging - Capture information on every window that were viewed and interacted with.
  • Application Activity Logging - Track every application/executable that was executed and interacted with.
  • Printed Documents Logging - Log specific information on all documents that were sent to the printer spool.
  • Keystroke Monitoring [before | after] - Track all keystrokes pressed [including hidden system keys!] and which windows they were pressed in. Keystrokes can also be passed through a formatter for easy viewing/exporting.
  • Websites Activity Logging - Log all website title and addresses that were visited on the PC. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera!
  • Files and Documents Accessed - Log all files and documents that have been viewed on the remote machine via Windows Explorer.

$79,99 USD $51,99 USD (save $28)
(save 35% from actual price)

Publisher: ExploreAnywhe 6530re Software
Platform: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
License: Shareware

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Advanced Features

  • Individual User Monitoring - iSpyNOW separates all logs by username - perfect for monitoring multiple users of a single machine, or users across a network!
  • Custom Module Configuration - Configure your deployable iSpyNOW module quickly using the iSpyNOW Tray Companion software - which comes included with the software.
  • Intuitive Log Viewing - The iSpyNOW logs are displayed in chronological order, allowing you to seamlessly toggle between recorded logs if iSpyNOW is recording multiple users, rather than aimlessly back tracking between user accounts.
  • Remote Log Removal - Clear out all of the iSpyNOW log files remotely, requiring no interaction with the PC. Simply give iSpyNOW the command, and it will be done!
  • Remote Uninstall - Unlike other products, you do not need to physically access the PC in order to remove iSpyNOW. iSpyNOW can be easily erased off the remote machine by a click of a button!
  • Realtime Log Searching - Looking for something in particular, but don't have the time to search through the logs? iSpyNOW offers built in log searching functionality to save you time and energy!
  • Startup Alert - If you would like the remote user to know he/she is being monitored, you can configure the iSpyNOW module to display a custom alert message each time it starts.


Security Features

  • Concealment Capabilities - iSpyNOW offers many levels of concelment to prevent the remote user from removing the software. iSpyNOW will NOT be displayed in the task manager, the process tab (under Windows NT/XP/2000), or anywhere else where it may be possible for the user to detect it!
  • Cloaking Ability - For maximum protection, iSpyNOW will cloak itself - in other words, each time it is executed, it will automatically recreate itself elsewhere on the PC to prevent the software from being removed.
  • Password Protection - Your online iSpyNOW member account is securely protected using advanced techniques. No one will have access to your information but you! The only way access is permitted to your iSpyNOW member account is if your username/password is correct - which only you will know!
  • Secure Control Panel - The iSpyNOW Control Panel Console was written with security as its primary focus. When you login

... And more!

  • Tray Companion Software - The iSpyNOW Tray Companion software gives you one click quick and easy desktop access to your iSpyNOW member account! One of the many ways you can access your iSpyNOW account without much effort!
  • Custom Account Creation - Quickly create your own iSpyNOW account, with your desired username/password upon ordering. Unlike other products, iSpyNOW lets you create your own account, with your own username and password...rather than having assigned to you.
  • Unlimited Remote Access - Keep up to date with information recorded by iSpyNOW. You can view your logs 24/7/365 via your member account - through any web browser, anytime regardless of whether the remote PC can be online or offline!
  • Remotely Deployable - The most notable feature about iSpyNOW - it can remotely deployable. Once the iSpyNOW file (you create) is executed on a machine, it will continuously record log data without the knowledge of the user.


Important iSpyNOW Requirements

  • You must be the owner of the PC you wish to monitor. If you do not own the computer you wish to monitor, you must have permission from the owner to install iSpyNOW onto that computer.
  • If you install iSpyNOW onto a computer that you do not own without consent from the owner, you are in direct violation of the End User License Agreement with ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC.
  • If you install iSpyNOW onto a computer that you do not own or have permission to install the software onto, you may be breaking state and federal laws. ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC. is not liable for any legal situations that may arise.
  • ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC has, and WILL, cooperate fully with any law enforcement agency that contacts us if you install iSpyNOW onto a computer that you do not own or have permission to install the software onto.
  • ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC. will NOT grant a refund if the user on the computer does not run the software. Because iSpyNOW may only be installed onto a computer that you own, you are fully responsible for executing your configured module on the machine you wish to monitor.



Thanks for your quick and professional response. It's nice to know that there are responsible companies out there.


I use to not be able to know if my clients were acutly doing thier work but now I know whos doing thier work or not! thanks to the iSpyNOW keylogger thanks iSpyNOW!!


Thanks to you and especially Jeff, who answered my calls THREE times while I was downloading and installing your program. He was patient, friendly, and incredibly helpful.


I already ordered using my credit card and have been using iSpyNOW for a couple of weeks and I love it.


Thank you for your quick response.. You have answered my questions which .. Your support team is absolutely wonderful.. Thanks again for always replying back so quickly.


Thanks once again for all your help I'm glad that it could be taken care of. I have also sent many emails and friends to your company when asked about software that you have.


I cannot believe what incredibly fast and efficient service I received from your tech department! For someone who is not exactly computer literate, it was wonderful to have your help and to get it so quickly!


Excellent overall customer service. Far above average response time (very timely!) and friendly, knowledgeable support staff as well. No complaints at all. Keep up the great work. (I've been in the IT field for six years, and deal with many different software support teams; my experience with your company has been great. Thank you.)


I would like to Thank You not only for the offer of a free upgrade but also for the service provided along with the exceptionally quick response time in answering my quires.

I didn't expect to receive your responses as quickly as I did, but that has probably something to do with the level of service (poor) received in dealings with the support centers of other companies that I have had to deal with in the past.

Your company should pride itself. It was and will be a constant pleasure doing business with Explore Anywhere Software and I will strongly recommend your company to family, friends and bushiness associates alike should the need arise.

Thank You once again.

Mario Sozou

Didn't realize I double/triple posted, sorry. The new download took care of the module problem. Beautiful. You guys really do rock. Customer service is truly commendable. Where do I leave feedback?

- Sold on EA. James

You guys are amazing. The tech support&speed of the replies was absolutely awesome. I have NO complaints & would recommend this company&software to anyone who needs it some who don't =).

- Anonymous

I would like to say that I am very pleased with this product and this item lived well into and beyond what was stated. I am very pleased with it. Thank You and excellent job!!

- J Carnes

I would be most happy to tell anyone what wonderful service I got from the President and CEO of the company, not something you see everyday, and especially with the "little" people. I had nothing but a great experience with your company, and I will certainly be back, that you can count on. I am not so sure your tech support will want to hear from me again, I do apologize for not being a perfect customer. I wish you nothing but continued great success and only the best, and don't forget, Your Air Force is awake!

- Veronica

Just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know your company far exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much for your dedicated support - most notably, Nathan Michaud (the individual I dealt with). He helped me create my iSpyNOW module, and even walked me through all the steps necessary to launch it onto another machine. Great support, great service, and great product. A+ from me!

- Jonathan Wilder

Thanks a lot Mr. Hammond, I really do appreciate you helping me, it's nice to know that the "higher" ups will help out too :o) I only say that because I just retired with 22.5 years in the Air Force and some of our "higher" ups couldn't do much by themselves. Thanks again. I really do appreciate it a lot.

- Name Withheld by request

Thank you you very much, your company really does have a wonderful support team.

- Anonymous

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