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Stamping your photos with GPS Coordinates.

One of the most useful pieces of information many digital photographers could use is the addition of GPS co-ordinates. Just about any photographer could benefit from this information. Wild life and nature photographers, travel photographers and astrophotographers, just to name a few, all significantly benefit from the recordings of GPS data, and who require easy access to this data.

The simple digital photo of a building today, taken while on a casual holiday some place, or by chance in your neighborhood, may at some time become of value as a historical reference ,long after the building has decayed and the landscape changed. Whether you are a casual photographer of a seasoned professional photographer, or perhaps work in some other field where GPS data might have some benefit, stamping your images with GPS co-ordinates is possible using professional image management software such as RoboImport.

Biologists may easily access GPS data quickly and easily by referring to their digital photographs to monitor endangered animals or plants. Information on the photograph will prompt the biologist on the field in the search for further research. Simply having the GPS coordinate stored in the EXIF information may go a little way to help, but having the information stamped on the photo means less paper work and less cross referencing.

Photo sharing sites such as Flickr now include a feature where photographs may be presented on a map. While it may appear to be a bit of fun viewing photographs as a map of the world. The information included may prove very valuable sometime in the future as reliable historical reference. Perhaps one day not too far in the future photo sharing communities like flickr will have enough photos to be viewed like a photographic world atlas.

Even photographs collected from our own personal vacations may serve us better into the future if stamped with GPS information. Imagine taking a once in a life time trip around overseas, or even in your own country, and being so in love with the scenery you take thousands of photographs to be treasured forever. Then imagine taking your photographs out a few years later to enjoy that holiday over again. They are no longer in any particular order. Trying to remember exactly where each photograph was taken is not near as easy as you had imagined. Sadly some of these photographs become no more personally valuable to you than some great picture you took somewhere. The exact location has become lost to you, and with it that opportunity to re-experience that feeling this place left you with. Storing your digital photos in an image database on your computer and viewing them by GPS information is an ideal way to take your journey over again.

A few of the high end expensive digital cameras available today support direct recording of GPS data to EXIF. But photographers who do not have such expensive up to date equipment may also benefit from the recording of GPS information, or if they like the opportunity to stamp their photographs with the information using RoboImport.

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