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Affiliate Program FAQ


What is the PicaJet Affiliate Program?


PicaJet Affiliate Program gives you a great opportunity to earn money on our products! All you need to start getting money is to have your own Web site, blog or a newsletter and promote PicaJet products there. If you join PicaJet Affiliate Program, start promoting and selling our software, you will earn money. The more you sell — the more you earn! Every time a visitor comes from your site or newsletter to our Online Store and completes a purchase you earn a commission on this transaction. We have a special incentive commission structure for you to help you make more money.


How much will I earn on each sale?


You will receive 40% of the product’s cost on each sale that is referred through your site. Pay attention to an opportunity to increase this commission. Click here to read the details about our incentive commission structure.


What does it cost to join the program?


It costs nothing. You can join the program and start making money for free.


Does my Web site or Blog qualify for PicaJet Affiliate Program?

  Any Web site can apply for the program. However, reserves the right to refuse any site if it feels that it violates the copyright or any other law.

How can I be sure that all sales made on my site are counted?


Our products have been certified by RegNow as sale leakage-free. That means that you will get credit for each sale made through your site even if it is made after the site visitor downloaded and tested the trial file.


What if a potential customer doesn't buy right away but comes back to the site later to make the purchase?


The cookie that is dropped to track affiliate sales activity by a potential customer persists for 30 days. Any sales purchased by that customer within that timeframe will result in a tracked affiliate sale. Note - If customer traffic is driven by another affiliate after the initial visit, the sale will be tracked to the most recent affiliate ad.


Do you pay any type of extra commission?

  Of course! We reward all those affiliates who sell more of our products through better commissions based entirely on the volumes they sell. Click here to read the details about our incentive commission structure.

When and how do I get paid?


You will get paid monthly from PicaJet Affiliate Program when your account reaches a minimum of $100 USD. If your earnings are less than $100, the amount will be carried over to the next month. Payments are processed on the 1st and 15th of each month.


Can I check my sales figures online? 

  Yes! All you need to do is just log into your personal oneNetwork affiliate control panel and you will be able to check your sales and commission in real-time. To login, just click here.

How can I get started with the affiliate program?


It's a simple. Click here and fill out the Affiliate Application. Once you register, you will receive an email with prompts to get started.


Will I have access to ready to use material?


Yes! We provide you with top converting marketing material, including:

  • Custom Builds
  • Banners
  • Box images
  • Screenshots
  • Tailor-made sales texts
  • Ready-to-send email promotional material
  • PAD Files

Can you generate me the custom build?

  Yes! You can create a custom PicaJet product builds using our special form. The custom build we generated to you has embedded info about your Affiliate ID. This means that when the user clicks 'register' or 'purchase' in that edition of the program, he/she will go directly to the order page using your unique affiliate ID, making sure you receive the commission for the sale this user generates

Where can I find PAD files to PicaJet products?

  You can find all the PAD files to PicaJet products here.

Can I promote PicaJet on forums?


Yes. But to prevent forum spamming you can't begin a new post contains affiliate PicaJet link. You can reply to existing forum topics with post contains affiiliate link to For example you can suggest affiliate link to PicaJet site on the Image Management Software discussing forum.


Can I promote the PicaJet products in Paid Search ads?

  No. There are restrictions to promoting the products in the search engines like Google and Overture. If you are interested in pursuing this promotional channel, you must contact the affiliate program managers by emailing and receive prior authorization from See the Affiliate Program Special Terms and Conditions for more information.

Whom can I ask if I have other questions?

  Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions.


Contact Us
If you have a problem, doubt or difficulties with our affiliate program, please kindly contact us at



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